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Hunger Can't Wait

This is a series of posters designed for a fictional campaign to bring awareness to hunger in the United States.


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Architecture Lecture Series

This project was to create a poster advertising The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Architecture Lecture Series using architectural themes.


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Echo in Time

Two posters that explore the idea of
memory that combines two different
texts for each poster, one of them my
memory, the other, a song, and a poem.


Duke poster website.png

Duke Ellington

A poster designed for a fictitious jazz concert.
The process involved dying paper and creating
a collage, then creating the poster with the
the theme of the musician's main instrument.


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Blueberry Connect

An identity designed for the coaching app, Blueberry Connect produced by Abundelicous.


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The Robey Hotel

A project done in school where I was to
redesign a logo of a company of my choice.


myx no.1 mock white.png


Myxology is a bottled cocktail brand that
presents a visual representation of a cocktail
by spilling the ingredients.




A new identity designed for the
nutrition company Abundelicious.


new saul mock cover.png

Saul Bass

The prompt for this assignment was to choose one of our favorite designers and create a publication about them compiling different text from other sources.


blu chanel website.png

Chanel Parfum

A personal project. Two digital drawings of Chanel perfumes, done on Adobe Illustrator.

2018, 2020

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The Wolf of Wall Street

A title sequence for the film, The Wolf of Wall Street, made on After Effects


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